​​Food & Allergies... What can you do?

Kinesiology is a fantastic tool for identifying allergies and sensitivities, whether it is a specific food, a group of foods or a chemical substance.

There are many different reasons for why we have reactions to foods or chemicals. Sometimes avoiding these products is not enough. You may have already identified what causes your reactions, or it may be too difficult to pinpoint.

Regardless of how much you already know about your reaction, kinesiology will help you narrow down the troublesome product and help de-sensitise your body to it. 

This way if you do accidentally consume or come into contact with the offending product, your reaction should be lessened (or even non-existent).

A treatment will help to identify exactly what the substance is that causes the reaction, it will help you desensitize your body to that substance, and it will help provide alternatives that create harmony in your life. 

​Nutritional Intolerances & Nutritional Imbalances

​Modern living has given us a time where food sensitivities and allergies are rife (chemical sensitivities included). Most of us encounter food sensitivities at some time or other.

The severity of our reaction may alert us to the problem, yet often the culprit is difficult to pinpoint. Unfortunately, in many cases we are not aware that certain foods (or chemicals) are creating imbalances.

Sometimes you will need to supplement your diet with nutritional support.

​How can Kinesiology help with my nutrition?

It is well known that our soils are getting more and more depleted of essential nutrients and that our foods are often harvested before they are ripe.

Unwittingly through poor food production and processing our foods are also becoming more depleted of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need for optimal health.

Many supplements available on the market are synthetically produced and are of low quality.

How do you know what is the right supplement for you?  If you're looking for a nutritional supplement, we encourage you to buy the best you can afford.

Relate this to your normal grocery shop ~
​Do you always buy the cheapest grocery item - or does quality come into it? 

If you're going to purchase a supplement​ ~

  • ​It should be made from real food (chemical free), 
  • ​It should be easily absorbed, and
  • ​It should be processed in a way to preserve it's nutritional qualities - without the adding of harmful substances. 

Try to avoid high doses of single vitamins or minerals
that could upset the delicate balance that exists in the body.

We recommend you purchase any supplements during a kinesiology treatment.  The benefit of purchasing during your treatment is that each supplement can be checked for individual suitability for your body and your health issue using muscle testing.

Muscle Testing is an excellent tool for identifying and correcting both sensitivities and deficiencies in this area.

Bring along any supplements you are already taking. That way we can find the optimal dose for you for your specific health issue. 

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