​​Relieve Pain with Kinesiology...

Kinesiology works on the cause of the pain or the stress in the body. All kinds of pains are addressed. Muscle testing identifies where or how the problem is being held in the body and what specifically will fix it.

There are many different and varied forms of pain relief.

Ancient Eastern philosophers such as Buddha emphasized the emotional nature of pain above the sensory, and the Greeks observed the emotional quality of pain. Aristotle described pain as a passion of the soul.

Contemporary pain researchers still recognize the intrinsic affective character of pain `Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage'.

Pain is actually a message from your body that something is not quite right in your life. It's your personal reminder to make changes. Sometimes these reminders are of a physical or structural nature.

Have you been pushing yourself too much? This is often the origins of many back pains. Research has shown we are less able to think when we are in pain - so it becomes doubly important that we deal with and find ways to alleviate our pain.

Food can also cause pain, just as it can take pain away. The trick then lies in knowing which foods cause pain and which will alleviate it. Always take any foods you suspect along to your kinesiologist.

Sometimes pain occurs as a result of emotional upsets or stress. Every kinesiology treatment with Susan will explore the emotional content of your pain.

This will allow you to make permanent changes to your body, your environment or your life-style as necessary, which will create the long-term relief you've been searching for.

This means you don't need to keep coming back to 'fix' the pain, but that we 'fix' the cause.

  • ​​Physical pain ~ neck & back tension due to poor posture or spinal outages from accidents or falls
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) ~ from over use of a group of muscles or poor work practices
  • ​Inflammation and joint problems
  • bolt
    ​Headaches ~ caused by stress, allergies or sinus
  • bolt
    ​Menstrual issues

​​Case Study...

​When Kate came to see me she was teaching my 6 year old at school. Each day I watched her struggle to bend down to sit and struggle to get back up.

She blamed it on old age and the low prep chairs. I suggested she wasn’t that old (41 is not old) and that she didn’t have to put up with the pain. We scheduled an appointment.

Kinesiology finds the real cause of the problem and the exact healing need. Together Kate and I discovered she felt quite resentful about being pushed into taking a grade she didn’t really want.

Logically she could rationalize the situation and say how much she loved teaching these little ones and how devoted she was to her work. Yet the stress was buried deep in her subconscious and was eating away at her enjoyment of her work.

We did some simple corrections with muscles and talked about letting go of the resentment. The result was dramatic.

For the remainder of the year Kate was able to move without pain. The treatment left her feeling more relaxed and happier and was the impetus Kate needed to deal with other stressful areas of her life.

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