​Meet ​Sophia...

​​Sophia finds beauty in working with people from all walks of life. ​ Her aim is to support you to balance and harmonise your energy so you can embrace your shiniest and highest self.

This includes rewriting stories, beliefs and experiences that block flow from your life and encourage you to trust and hear the voice of your body, values and beliefs in shaping healthy change.

​By understanding why ​you do things and accepting how the choices and experiences you undertake can contribute to your pain, stress or confusion... ​you can finally commit to creating change that is supportive, healthy and life embracing.

​Sophia brings 17 years of educational experience in the Northern Territory, Australia to her Kinesiology practice.

Teaching and learning through Special Education and the Arts, gradually brought ​her to a place where she realised that ​her life direction was changing towards individual health and wellbeing.

​Her first step in this direction was completing her Art Therapy Diploma with MIECAT in 2012, during which time she received her first Kinesiology balance.

​She was amazed at the support and answers she found within herself during this session.  She​ knew she wanted Kinesiology in her healing 'tool box'.

So in 2014 ​her family moved from Alice Springs to Hervey Bay where she successfully completed her Certificate 4 in 2015.

Now as a Level 1 Kinesiology Practitioner, she is​ continuing her Kinesiology journey through the Hervey Bay College and studying for her Diploma in Kinesiology.

​​Sophia ​says:

Kinesiology is a key for you ~ to be motivated and committed ~ to be the change you want to see because at the centre of your being, You have the answer, You know who you are and You know what you want.

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